Custom Mini Potion Keychains

An apprentice never knows when he’s going to need a vial of magical potion. It’s smart to keep a small bottle on hand at all times.

You can use a potion pendant as a key chain or hang it next to your pouch, so your larp character is always ready for his opponent.

Glass bottles are filled with magical non-toxic liquid (liquid is not safe to drink and we take no responsibility if ingested). They are permanently sealed with cork that was glued into the bottle.


You can pick any colour you want. Ask for a custom bottle and you can get a poisons green or mysterious black potion.


There are three types of bottles – round, narrow, and pointy one. If you don’t have any specific desires, we use whatever shape we have in stock.


Bottle Size: 2,5 cm / 1,2 – 2 in
Chain Length: 4 – 5 cm / 1,6 – 2 in

EUR 5.90